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REVIEW: The November Man

REVIEW: The November Man

61 year old Pierce Brosnan’s still got the looks and ‘tude to pull  off playing an ex-CIA spy who’s  lured back to the game one more time in a mission that goes horribly, and very personally  wrong.  But Brosnan’s Peter Devereaux is not James Bond.   He  never wears a tux,  never drinks a martini, never gets to show off the  cool weapons and  has to wait til the end  to get the  girl (Olga Kurylenko  who was a Bond babe in “Quantum Of Solance”. 

This film is vintage Brosnan but brings nothing  new to the spy game. It’s a been-there-done-that years- ago spy flick.   It’s not for the kids.  It’s  very violent and  there’s  a rape scene.

If you like spy flicks, you  could do worse.  But you could do a whole  lot better- as in Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s last completed role in the intelligent “A Most Wanted Man”. This one can wait for Netflix.


2  stars


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